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AS-Accountant ?? Armenian Software *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro* ""AS-Accountant"" system is foreseen for accounting automation of middle and small enterprises.
The system is easy to install and exploit. It is simple and clear in usage.
""AS-Accountant"" system corresponds with new accounting standards.

""AS-Accountant"" system has the following subsystems:
# General Ledger ( calculation of synthetic accounts )
# Partners (debtors and creditors) accounting
# Materials accounting
# Short-life items&qout; accounting
# Asset accounts calculation
# Salary calculation

Among important abilities of ""AS-Accountant"" are:
# Multicurrency accounting
# Forming of all the initial documents
# Obtaining of all the financial report forms
-Balance sheet (form N1)
-Income statement (form N2)
-Statement of changes in equity (form N3)
-Cash flow statement (form N4)
-Notes to financial statements (form N5)
-VAT calculation
# Synthetic and analytic reports
# Many other subsidiary reports
# Obtained information can be exported into MS Word and MS Excel systems
# Ability of working in LANs
# ""AS-Accountant"" system is integrated to ""AS-ClientBank"" system, with the help of which is possible to do transfers and get excerpt without visiting banks. This allows to avoid additional expenses and time wastage concerned with visits to bank.

Brief functional description

1. ""General Ledger""

The subsystem is foreseen for summarizing the synthetic accounting. All the subsystems of ""AS-Accountant"" system are interconnected with it by accounting entries. The following reference books are necessary for exploitation of this subsystem:

Reference Books
# Chart of account. Multilevel tree-type reference book. Every last-level account has partner description and permitted currencies list. During the operations you can work only with accessible currencies of account.
# Currencies exchange values. With currencies exchange values are made revaluations, and profit or loss from exchange operations is defined.
# Banks. It&qout;s a reference book where are entered properties of often used banks for application in partners` settlement accounts.
# A description of the organization&qout;s settlement accounts in various banks, in order to propose in documents.

# Recording accounting entries for synthetic accounts, by currency and drams memorial orders.
# The document performs any number of accounting entries, by means of standard operations described above.
# Reflection of accounting entries performed from analytic subsystems.
# Generation of re-evaluation orders for currency accounts. As of the given day, taking into consideration the existing exchange rates, the re-evaluation of the account or accounts is performed, calculating profit or loss.
# Currency exchange. Dram-currency, currency-dram, currency-currency exchange is performed, calculating profit or loss. .
# Generation and issuance of payment orders. The system suggests the serial numbers of payment orders and does not allow their repetition within one year. The payment order is formalized after the receipt of the statement of accounts from the bank.
# Drafting the cash-in slip and printing (from buyers, other debtors, etc.)
# Drafting the cash-out slip and printing (to suppliers, other creditors, etc)
# When generating cash orders, the documents are suggested in serial numbers. The system does not allow the repetition of numbers within one year.

# The status of balances and turnover reports in drams and currency.
# The movement of the given account: T-account in dram and currency.
# Journal of operations, in drams and currency.
# Financial statements in the formats required by the ministry of finance. Later on, when making changes in these statements, the user can easily describe the formulas by which the amounts were received.

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