Stitch 2000 Pro *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

ideal software for both small and large embroidery companies. The Stitch Pro (2005 Version) is equipped with the most powerful tools seen in any embroidery software system.

Software Features

Powerful Strokes feature
CND / STI wire frame editing
Machine format conversion
Design cut, copy, and pasting capabilities
Designs rotate and mirroring
Point editing
Layering and sectioning modes
Image file exporter (GIF, JPeg, BMP)
Direct connect to a Toyota embroidery machine
True-View (3D view)
Thread database
""Blocking"" features
Expanded files
Information sheets
Design Format Transfer (Expanded Designs)
Design Editing (Expanded Designs)
100+ Lettering fonts
CND Files
Condensed Editing (Multiple stitch manipulation)
Ability to create / modify fonts
Shape insertion
Quick Satin stitches
Outlining for ultra fills
Simultaneous viewing of CND and EXP image.
Capability to resize Most (CND) files
Simple digitizing capabilities
Advanced digitizing capabilities
Image file import for on screen digitizing
And many more...

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