WinJay 3.0 (c) Winjay S.r.l. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

WinJay 3.0 (c) Winjay S.r.l. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey* WinjayVX is the newest and more comprehensive version of Winjay&qout;s radio automation systems. WinjayVX combines impressive ease of use with powerful scheduling and live-assist features, to achieve an always high-quality and professional on-the-air performance. Versatile, extremely powerful and reliable, Winjay is the right solution to comply with the new demands of full digital broadcasting.
Main features

The WinjayVX mySQL based guarantees virtually absolute zero-maintenance integrity for your valuable data, high speed, reliable transactions and concurrent queries from several scheduling and playout workstation on the LAN (multichannel, multiuser configuration).

WinjayVX features a multi-format, multi-overlap playout engine, with support for virtually any audio format: WAV PCM, ADPCM, mp3 (CBR and VBR), OGG Vorbis, WMA, FLAC, WavPack, MPC MusePack, AC3, AAC, MP4 (iTunes), APE Monkey Audio, OFR OptimFrog, TTA The True Audio, as well as minor ones such as AIFF, Speex, etc. Multichannels soundcards are supported as well, asllowing to make use of separate outputs for on-air and cueing channels, or multichannel setup.

Powerful off-the-air cueing window complete with sound graph allows to exactly setvarious markers (intro, mix-out, etc.) with ms. precision, in order to always get broadcast-grade perfect mixes.

Even the look of WinjayVX end-user interface has been object of careful engineering. Stylish, extremely pleasant, it is based on roll-over enabled windows in order to better exploit space on desktop area. Windows can be undocked and put on 2nd monitor, and you can fully customize the look thanks to the many available “skins”.

WinjayVX allows your to perfectly integrate with Internet based webcasting technologies, allowing to update in real-time your Shoutcast server with titles of songs being played. Also, as soon as a new song is started, a script allows to post related informations on your website, so for example you can build yourself any kind of displays.

Speaker overlap on Intro, End-Of-Song, Next-Intro, dry news and time announce on music-bed.

Smart Opener feature: WinjayVX automatically selects and plays a small cut of the song which is going to be on-air just after the commercial breaks.

Powerful random song scheduling based on nationality, style, mix/max date, vote, BPM, mood, or any combination of the above. With the off-line scheduling feature you may ask the system to suggest songs based on defined criteria.

Satellite and live streaming re-broadcasting automation with scheduling and external trigger support.

Forced events scheduling

Features like Push-to-Talk, “intro loop” e “go to intro” allow the speaker to freelymanage his announcements, regardless of the original DJ intro time and without funmbling on the audio mixer.

Advanced SMS receiver based on GSM modem, complete with SMS juke-box allowing listeners to request songs and system managers fire commands remotely (playlist loading, etc.)

WinjayVX includes a feature to update your RDS encoder according to user-definable data: title/artist of songs being played, next song queued, date/time, free text (such as station name), and more.

Integrated commercial scheduler allowing user-defined daily-based scheduling, commercial rotation, and up to 16-areas commercial splitting.

Integrated instant-fire multiple overlap jingle palettes complete with auto-mix, auto-fade and user-defined icons for each button.

Multifunctional on-air clock: date/hour/day of week, DJ timer to calculate DJ&qout;s voiceover time.

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