SPAC Automazione 2007 *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

SPAC Automazione 2007 *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey* SPAC is the most popular Electrical CAD in Italy. Over 14.000 licenses in the territory and about 20.000
installations of MiniSPAC (the freeware application used for the schemes design) make 34,000 work stations using SPAC products day by day. After 20 years of experience in automation design, SPAC boasts unmatched innovation development cycles and an unrivalled ability to adapt to new requirements.
SPAC is a highly automated design system that grants huge savings in time and resources to the end-users.
SPAC is based on the most popular design standard in the world: AutoCAD. With over 24 million users, it can be considered the real graphical design standard in DWG and DXF formats.
SPAC is an autonomous product based in Autodesk OEM technology but it is also available as an Add-On in case the user has AutoCAD Full installed.
SPAC mission, as far as it is a design tool, is to automate schemes drafting and processing in order to reduce costs and ensure ongoing performance enhancements through continuous development.
An important feature of SPAC is its modular structure that consents a high adaptability to the user&qout;s requirements. On the basic version, known as “EL” (Entry Level), several specific features could be integrated.
SPAC could then grow according to the evolution of the client activities in the way and timing needed.
In SPAC it is possible to associate to the components the materials codes contained in an archive with about 60 manufacturers and more than 500.000 articles. Many articles count with a complete description of its technical characteristics including the component&qout;s dimensions.
SPAC consents to interface in a bidirectional way with PLC Software (P-Unit), to import and export from the Job Order the PLC configuration; this provides an immediate creation of the schemes related and the data exchange between the two applications for the PLC programming.
In all the versions available, SPAC offers an automatic system for the dimensioning of the motor starters and it interfaces with several systems for the labeling of wires, terminals and components.
SPAC evolves constantly with updates every year made for the integration of the customers&qout; request in the Software; it includes but is not limited to technologies derived from international normative in the field of electrical design.
SDProget is certified ISO 9001 in Italy, in response to the quality of the production processes related to SPAC. SDProget is an Authorized and Registered Value-Added partner of AutoCAD, and an OEM partner of Autodesk.

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