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ECM Titanium is the new Alientech software that allows you to accurately interpret and edit the files stored inside the memory of the Engine Control Unit (ECU), without any difficulty.

Thanks to the Drivers of ECM Titanium, you can identify different maps (injection, spark-advance, pressure, Turbo, etc.) and act on the limiters saved inside the files.

ECM Titanium can display maps in four different ways:

* Tabular representation
* Hexadecimal representation
* 2D Graphic representation
* 3D Graphic representation

All the several representations can be used with the Bit Power 2 emulator in real time.

All the features of ECM Titanium are enclosed in a handy a USB Flash Drive of 8 GB memory, so you can access at your work from any PC. Safety is ensured by several utilities designed to provide backup and restore operations of the USB Flash Drive.

ECM Titanium is intended to be the ultimate chiptuning software, as it is the result of experience and passion matured over nearly two decades of presence by Alientech in the world of car racing and automotive tuning. A software realized by professionals, designed for professionals.

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