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WIN_SHELL is an integrated solution with links to CAD and CAM and the facility to import and export design data. Automatic generation of necessary mechanical design calculations based on selected configuration. Generation of 2D and 3D drawings. Design reports printed out directly or transferred to a word-processor for additional annotation. 2D views (total or partial) can be exported to CAD to generate fabrication drawings. AutoCAD version offers full drawing integration. Object Database offers all facilities to extract data for other purposes. Routines for Bill of Materials (BOM), Nozzle List, special ‘views’ offering geometric data (volumes, center of gravity, masses, etc.) can be used to export to spreadsheets and other software tools for further calculations. Costing package taking into account the overall fabrication process and materials is in preparation. Plate Layout Module can generate index tables and development views of ‘unrolled’ components and export the result data to CNC. Designs can be stored and re-used for later evolutions.

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