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Benefits Unysoft ERP Database
Risk reduction for large capital projects by evaluation of multiple scenarios
Bring consistency to mine planning: Our mining experts software will work with you to analyse your operations and make recommendations as to how to improve workflows and dataflows based on industry best practices.
Ensure compliance with best practices by utilizing software configured to enable optimal workflows across planning, scheduling and accounting.
Reduce scheduling errors by having your staff use time-stamped data stored in a central database.
Automate the execution of best practice workflows by having our software send email notifications to engineers and leadership (supervisor) when specific steps in the planning process are completed.
Project administration, studies and control carried out in different currencies.
All Life Cycle Costing, for project.
Follow up of proposed, planned, foreseen, fixed, accountable and actual costs (include profit center managment)
Gantt programming, rhythm and physics, compatible with MS Project and Primavera.
Investment results stemming from cost and profit centers relative to the study type and the control level set by the company.
Transfers, exports and imports of data with a wide variety of options with regard to information groupings.
Automatic alerts to avoid errors in data entry.
Online follow up of the state of the proposal (study, presented, control, finished etc) per company, work and user.
Unlimitled unit cost analysis options, vertically defined and horizontally composed. (is a database)
Evaluate the current and future configuration of your operation by having your mine engineers run multiple “what if” scenarios that simulate the effect of constraints that could impact the economic viability the pit design, production schedules and possible expansions.
Run hundreds of scenarios in a very short period of time, which would otherwise be impracticable, taking months and months of work to complete.
Investigate the impact of changing assumptions in market conditions and other variables in just a few mouse clicks.
Create accurate short-term plans by using mine planning and production data that is available in one standard format via a central database.
Automate the generation of daily production schedules (and Activity) by drawing upon equipment (resource) availability stored in the database.
Allow cross-functional workgroups to respond to changing.
Achieve consistency in mine planning by standardizing operational procedures to guide when and how interaction occurs between geological, engineering and scheduling functions

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