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By your involvement you are often forced to manually process your sales and accounting. That can involve extensive hours doing paperwork, adjusting and reconciling mistakes, and solving arguments among employees over sloppy handwritting. The Micro Florist product line will automate many tasks associated with manually processing sales. Implementation of this system will allow your employees to enter all orders, the instant they are taken; and automated tracking ensures orders are never lost. With Micro Florist&qout;s ability to support five separate companies, each with up to nine division (or profit centers), this product will support any sized florist. Additionally, this product is completely customizable; by simply answering a simple list of questions, the system will deduct what features you need, and eliminate the ones you don&qout;t from the normal POS process. This product from start to finish is your complete POS and order fulfilment system for florists.

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