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InjePro (c) PlasSoft Tecnologia Ltda *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* InjePro is a multimedia training software in the Plastics Injection Molding Technology. The product comprises 4 CD-ROMs and User&qout;s Manual. Available in English, Portuguese and Dutch. InjePro takes an average of 30 hours of learning and evaluation, with whole narration, technical animations, video, pictures and an acessible language. The trainee controls his own learning pace. Its navigation is very easy: the trainee just uses the mouse. The trainee is permanently evaluated and a final detailed evaluation report can be printed. Target users are operators and technicians in the Plastics and related industries, as well as students of technical schools in engineering and materials programs.
InjePro has been successfully used by several companies to upgrade the skills of their employees. Some of our clients include: Electrolux, Alcatel Bell, Asea Brown Boveri, Tupperware, Associa??o Portuguesa da Ind?stria do Pl?stico, Beijing University (China) and many others.
Please, check the features of Interactive Multimedia Training which distinguishes itself from other training processes:
Your company will license InjePro only once: it can be used to train your staff whenever needed, without additional costs
By using InjePro, your company standardizes the training content which is delivered to the employees.
Training is in-plant. Employees do not need to leave the plant and spend many hours in training sessions out of the company.
The training schedule is flexible. It can be organized according to the available time of employees.
Training newcomers can be quick and standardized, with schedule flexibility.
The trainee controls the pace at which the information is delivered.
The training process is individual and respects the learning characteristics of each trainee.
InjePro transmits knowledge in a dynamic fashion, so that the learning process is much more interesting to the trainee.
The use of animations allows the demonstration of operations which are very difficult to be transmitted by conventional training methods.
The use of video-clips allows the demonstration of real-world operations.
The full narration of the software enables the audio-channel of trainees to absorb knowledge at the same time at which he/she reads the text and sees the pictures, animations and video. This is a great tool for enhancing the learning process.
Evaluation: after the end of each lesson, the trainee is requested to answer a series of questions about the lesson&qout;s contents. The trainee&qout;s score is immediately informed, which indicates whether he/she can go to the next lesson or need to study the contents again.
InjePro can be installed in several computers, by a special fee, so that many employees can use the program simultaneously, for training purposes.
InjePro can also be used in vocational schools, basic science and technology courses as well as in mechanical, chemical, production and manufacturing engineering programs, to educate and train students in the field of Plastics, one of the most dynamic segments of today&qout;s world economy.

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