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IMMI (c) Wolfel *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* New IMMI 2009 now available! The new international release of IMMI is now available. A full set of new features make IMMI even more user-friendly and productive. Major new features include: the Calculation Control Centre, further enhancements of the 3D-Viewer, expanded noise emission databases, hot-spot analysis using %Highly Annoyed and %Highly Sleep Disturbed, etc.

Since 1986, W?lfel Me?systeme ∑ Software is busy in the Noise and Air Pollution Mapping market. W?lfel&qout;s fully self-designed IMMI software is a major player in the market. IMMI is a software package for Environmental Pollution Mapping that integrates air dispersion modelling (gases, dust, odours), outdoors sound propagation (road traffic, railway, industrial and recreational noise) and interfaces to CAD and GIS packages.

IMMI is used by professionals working with public authorities, consulting engineering companies and the industry.

IMMI has evolved into a vertical GIS. IMMIís proven and comprehensive working environment is characterised by the following main features:

* Calculation of (mainly) outdoors propagation of noise in compliance with national and international (ISO/EU) noise calculation standards/methods.
* Calculation of dispersion of air pollutants in compliance with Austrian and German air pollution calculation standards.
* Works with fully geo-referenced data.
* Interpolation and drawing of contours, filled coloured or gray-shaded contours, isolines, etc.
* Calculating digital terrain models using original data or applying optimisation algorithms.
* Presenting results in electronic form, numeric/text tables and coloured maps.
* 2D and (animated) 3D visualisation of pollution maps and clippings.
* Interfacing with horizontal GIS applications, especially the ESRI ArcGISTM family of products, MapInfoTM and GoogleEarthTM.
* Distributed calculation of pollution maps on networked and multi-core computers.
* Use of meteorological data.

IMMI is suitable for all project-scales from small to medium-scale studies (such as: environmental impact assessment, permitting, etc.) up to the very large-scale applications covering entire agglomerations and regions.

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