FREET (Fesiable Reliabity Engineering Tool) (c) Cervenka Consulting *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

FREET (Fesiable Reliabity Engineering Tool) (c) Cervenka Consulting *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* * FReET is a multipurpose probabilistic software for statistical, sensitivity and reliability analysis of engineering problems. It allows to simulate uncertainties of the problem at random variables level (typically in civil/mechanical engineering material properties and loading, geometrical imperfections).
* FReET includes state-of-the-art probabilistic simulation algorithms to compute the probabilistic response and reliability. It is developed in C++ and optimized for speed.
* FReET is a modular computer system for performing probabilistic analysis of engineering problems developed mainly for computationally intensive deterministic modeling such as FEM packages, and any user-defined subroutines. Therefore small-sample simulation techniques are preferred. The most successful FEM integration represents the combination with nonlinear fracture mechanics software for analysis of concrete structures ATENA.

* FReET can be purchased as a stand-alone program or it is part of the Probabilistic SARA studio , which combines the strength of FREET and ATENA into a single powerful application for reliability assessment of structures.

Response/Limit state function

* Closed form (direct) using implemented Equation Editor (simple problems).
* Numerical (indirect) using user-defined DLL function prepared practically in any programming language (C++, Fortran, Java, Basic, etc.).
* General interface to third-parties software using user-defined *.BAT or *.EXE programs based on input and output text communication file.
* Multiple functions assessed in same simulation run.

Probabilistic techniques

* Crude Monte Carlo simulation
* Latin Hypercube Sampling (3 types)
* Curve fitting
* Simulated Annealing
* First Order Reliability Method (FORM)
* Nataf Transformation

Stochastic model (inputs)

* Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI)
* 30 probability distribution functions (PDF)
* Description of random variables optionally by statistical moments/parameters/combination of moments and parameters, PDF calculator
* Statistical correlation
* Categories and comparative values for PDFs
* Basic random variables visualization
* User/Theory/Examples manuals

Results features (outputs)

* Histograms and empirical cumulative distribution functions (CDF)
* Statistics of response
* Statistical tests for suitability of PDF
* Nonparametric-rank order sensitivity analysis
* Parameter variation analysis (deterministic what-if-study)
* Advanced statistical visualization
* Reliability estimation: failure probability, reliability index

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