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A clear, intuitive and consistent interface together with professionally designed icons all help to make for a satisfying and simple end-user experience.
User based security and permissions
Each user can be set up with a login and password to ensure your important estimating data is secure. You can also assign many user-specific permissions/restrictions to help ensure that your data and processes are controlled.
Customisable system options
Configure many aspects of Benchmark to suit your business. This includes importing your company logo, specifying default Markup percentages and switching functionality/fields on or off.
Customisable drop down fields
Customise the options available in your drop down fields to suit your business. These fields may be for important data like Cost Codes, Units, Region and Job Category (to name a few). There is also security over who can edit these settings.
Mandatory fields
Nominate mandatory fields which must be completed by your users when an estimate is completed. This ensures that your business analysis reporting is consistent and accurate.
Central register of estimates
All estimates you have done are listed in Benchmark’s Project Browser window. This makes finding and opening previous estimates easy and fast. You can quickly search (or filter) estimates by Client, User, Status, Due Date, Location and many other criteria.
Work offline
Users who need to work on an estimate when they are not connected to their server can do so with the “Check Out / Check In” features. This uses a “portable database format” for simplicity and portability.
Document hyperlinks
Easily create hyperlinks from your estimate to related project documents (e.g. drawings, photos, specifications etc) so that they are easy and fast for everyone to find.
Estimate Notes
Add project-specific notes/text in various areas of your estimate. This information can be printed on some of Benchmark’s reports and acts as an excellent reference for all users.
All reports can be viewed on screen, printed, exported to Microsoft Word, exported to Microsoft Excel, saved as a HTML document and saved as a PDF document.
User manual & online help
Get the most out of your Benchmark system with easy access to an extensive online help system. All licensees also receive a hard copy, full-colour User Manual.

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