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Flixo v.4.11 Local (c) Infomind *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* flixo produces thermal-hygro analyses of the component and fa?ade cross-sections, and it also calculates frame U-values according to EN ISO 10077-2. It has been developed by architects, computer scientists and physicists, for architects, planners, energy consultants and building physicists.
For example, flixo can detect thermal bridges in the planning stage that then can be eliminated through design changes. Consequently, building failures can be prevented and heating energy can also be saved.
A further use of flixo is relevant to hygroanalysis, with which, for example, temperature minima on the internal surfaces of a cross-section can be determined in order to avoid the formation of condensed water or mildew.
flixo analyzes two-dimensional component nodes for steady state boundary conditions (room temperatures and thermal transfer coefficients.
Following the main features of flixo, which permit one to save time and work faster:
Computation of temperatures with the finite element method (triangular elements)
Iterative solution of the linear equation system using an optimized, conjugated gradient technique
Automatic grid refinement at critical points
Computation of equivalent thermal conductivities for air cavities
Automatic subdivision of air cavities according to EN ISO 10077-2
Automatic placement of boundary conditions according to EN ISO 10077-2
Validated thermal bridge program according to EN ISO 10211:2007 and 10077-2:2003 standards
Unrestricted number of nodal temperatures (depending on the hardware used)
Consideration of materials with orthotropic material properties
Intelligent cursor with tooltips for the explanation of workflows
Finding of smallest two-dimensional elements with assignment of materials
Scaling of construction based on the default size of a freely selected dimension
Numerous assistants
Pre-designed and parametric components
Integrated and dynamic help

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