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UniTest *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Virtual Engine Room 5 Electronic Control (VER 5 EC) is a first engine room simulator of the electronically controlled low speed diesel engine.VER 5 EC simulator model includes the following systems: * The main engine (2 stroke, low speed, 7 cylinders, fixed pitch propeller)
* The electronic control system simulation including ECONOMY and EMISSION mode..
* The main engine remote control system (manual from CR, automated from the bridge and the emergency control at the engine side)
* The fuel system (MDO and HFO, including storage system and separators).
* The lubricating system (LO circulation and separator, LO storage and stern tube lubricating).
* The cooling system (sea water and fresh water central cooling).
* The compressed air system.
* The sewage treatment plant.
* The sludge and garbage incinerator.
* The steam system (auxiliary boiler, waste heat recovery, superheated steam, consumers).
* The power plant (2 diesel generators, 1 shaft generator, 1 turbo generator and 1 emergency diesel generator, multiple power consumers with separate circuits and bow thruster).
* The bilge system with oily water separator.
* The ballast system.
* The steering gear.
* The refrigerating system.
* The domestic water system
* The air conditioning system
* The simplified own ship model with ship speed modelling.

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