StoneCAM, InterCAD, WinGlassCAM (c) Intermac *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

StoneCAM, InterCAD, WinGlassCAM (c) Intermac *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Stonecam is a milling program for work centres with pallet control and rotary tables which can operate on planes oriented in space.

Designed for controlling all types of material removal processings using rotary tools, this is the first in a new generation of “expert” programs capable of helping operators by making automatic selections based on the experience of past processings. A user-friendly interface guides the operator through the various steps with no chance of error. There are no limits to the complexity of the profiles or the number of elements that can be processed, and any collision areas due to profile intersections are detected automatically.

Each processing performed in space is reproduced onto an X-Y plane and then rototranslated into its original position, making the machining sequence simple and intuitive to apply. The position with respect to the applied planes is then simulated in a display. All the cycles are performed irrespective of the NC features and the machine geometry.

Stonecam and the Post Processor pilot the machine tools available on the basis of their technological features, controlling rotary tables, indexed heads with five or more interpolated axes, every type of tool change, head changes, lubrication etc.. * Three-dimensional processing simulation and display
* Multiple planes
* Independent Cnc
* Profile acquisition
* Copying of processings
* Tool store
* Post Processor management
* Processing cycles which are independent from the machine used, and parametric by means of a special milling language.
* Deep and helicoidal drilling
* Spot-drilling
* Spot-facing
* Reaming-reaming with release
* Boring
* Bore milling
* Tapping
* FORA cycle
* FOMA cycle
* Facing
* Complete freedom in the assignment of the machining cycle sequence
* Ordering criteria based on tool sequence or on the type of processing cycle
* Contouring of open and closed profiles
* Emptying of slots by parallel passes
* Emptying of slots by concentric passes
* Plan-Section processings
* Plan 2 Section processings
* Concave-Convex for ribbing or tubular sections
* Polishing with helicoidal passes
* Manual machining
* Insertion of back-stops and suction cups
* Tapering, drain, turning and drilling optimization
* Contouring of 5 surface axes
* Fixed cycles: drilling, spot-drilling, reaming, spot-facing etc...
* Sheet cutting

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