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CHARON-VAX is designed to extend the life of VAX VMS applications by moving them to a new server style PC hardware platform without any conversion effort. HP is not renewing VAX support on some systems in some areas leaving the customer to fend for themselves for parts and maintenance services. By eliminating your ageing VAX hardware and replacing it with modern, readily available PC server style computer platform with a CHARON-VAX emulator you eliminate the risk a VAX disk or tape will wear out, bringing your system to a grinding halt with no spare to be found. Such a failure could be a career-ending or company-ending event. The CHARON-VAX emulator allows you to use PC computers with RAID 5 drive systems. This was not possible with even the latest VAX systems manufactured. You can also use Windows disk Mirroring on your host system. If you are using shadowing in VMS on your existing VAX this will work on the new CHARON-VAX emulator and you can even have each disk container file that is being shadowed located on a separate physical drives in your PC system.

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