Scop++ (c) AeroMap Technology Systems *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Scop++ (c) AeroMap Technology Systems *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* SCOP++
SCOP++ – Well-proven performance for terrain modeling.

SCOP++ is designed for efficient handling of DTM projects of any size, with data coming from LIDAR, photogrammetry or any other source. SCOP++ provides unsurpassed quality of DTM interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization. SCOP++ is well-proven DTM software for most demanding terrain modeling projects.

All modules of SCOP++ are made for processing many millions of DTM points. With its integrated database system SCOP++ is especially well-suited for very large DTM projects, up to nation-wide DTMs.

SCOP++ works with a very efficient hybrid DTM data structure and flexible, advanced interpolation methods. This guarantees for rigorous consideration of break lines and qualified data filtering.

A complete solution for powerful filtering, classification, quality control and editing of LIDAR data is offered with LIDAR Box, consisting of SCOP++ Kernel, SCOP++ LIDAR and inpho’s DTM editing station DTMaster.
With its task-oriented modular structure, SCOP++ can be easily adapted to customers&qout; needs. SCOP++ Kernel is mandatory. All other modules are optional extensions.
SCOP++ Kernel

Precise DTM interpolation with or without filtering

Generation of DTMs consisting of up to one billion (109) points

Contouring with cartographic quality

Basic profiling

Flexible Z-coding and hill-shading

Integrated raster and vector graphics

Combination of geo-referenced raster graphics (e.g. digital map) with DTM views like hill-shading or contours

Supported formats:
- Data: Winput, DXF, XYZ, ArcInfo Generate, LAS (ASPRS Lidar data exchange format)
- Graphics: DXF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG, PDF
- DTM: SCOP DTM, ArcInfo Grid, XYZ, DTED, VRML, Winput, DXF

Filtering of air-borne laser scanning data for automatic classification of the raw point cloud into terrain and off-terrain points, i.e. for extracting the true ground points for further DTM processing

Efficient robust interpolation techniques with flexible adaption to terrain type and terrain coverage

User-controlled hierarchical process using point cloud pyramids

Elimination of gross errors in any DTM data
SCOP++ Visualizer

Perspective DTM views in form of raster graphics generated by SCOP++ Kernel, or of wire-frame models

Panoramic views with annotation of geographic names

Silhouette views
SCOP++ Analyzer

DTM algebra (including difference DTMs)

Volume computation

Profiling, cross-sections

Digital slope models and slope maps

Mosaicking and feathering of overlapping DTMs

Topographic Data Management designed for storing, managing and archiving nationwide digital elevation information

Geocoded relational data base

Georeferencing (map projections and coordinate transformations, geodetic datum transformations)

Management of DTM data: DTM selection and export; merging DTMs; extracting parts from DTMs; DTM resampling

On request: interfacing with ORACLE databases
Additional functionality coming soon:

DTM quality layer and derivation of quality measures from DTM data

TIN generation and export

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