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INPHO ORTHOVISTA (c) INPHO GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* OrthoVista is the most powerful professional mosaicking product in use world-wide. It utilizes advanced image processing techniques to automatically adjust and combine orthophotos from any source into one single seamless, color-balanced mosaic. OrthoVista improves the efficiency, quality and profitability of digital orthophoto mosaic production. OrthoVista is part of inpho’s digital photogrammetric system.

OrthoVista automatically compensates for a wide range of image intensity and color variations originating from the imaging process. OrthoVista computes radiometric adjustments that compensate for visual effects within individual images, such as hot spots, lens vignetting and color variations.

Further, OrthoVista performs a blockwide color balancing by adjusting adjacent images to match in color and brightness. Multiple orthophotos are combined into one seamless, color balanced and geometrically perfect orthomosaic.

OrthoVista is designed for processing the most demanding photogrammetric projects with block sizes of 20000 images and even more.

OrthoVista and OrthoMaster are bundled in Ortho Box offering unique performance. Features

Handles orthophotos from any source.
Projects with 20000 orthophotos and more can be processed.
Powerful intra-image tools for automatic:

Reduction of lens vignetting effects

Reduction of hot spot effects

Reduction of radiometric variations
Powerful inter-image tools for automatic:

Block-wide balancing of color & brightness (individual image characteristics preserved)

Automatic removal of sun reflections on water areas

Global color and contrast adjustment for correction of
radiometric tilting
Radiometric image enhancements:

Interactive adjustment of intensity and contrast

Interactive adjustment of color and color saturation

Interactive modification of gradation curve for adjustment of brightness, contrast and color

Automatic histogram adjustment
Versatile seam line functionality:

Fully automatic seam line detection

High-quality seamline finding improved by automatic detection of man-made features

Interactive seam line definition & editing
Automatic feathering functionality:

Automatic adaptive width of the seam line

Narrow seam in “urban canyons”

Wide seam in open terrain
Automatic tiling of the mosaic:

Mosaic is cut into map sheets
Flexible processing procedure:

Processing steps done independently

Processing steps combined with each other
Excellent processing capacity:

Handles very large orthophoto blocks
Support for multi-channel imagery.
Input georeference formats:

GeoTIFF, TiffWorld (tfw)

ER Mapper ERS, Zeiss inp, Vision RPT
Image formats:

- With 8-12-16 bit,
- Multi-channel imagery supported, with optional output of

Unique true-ortho functionality in combination with inpho’s OrthoMaster product.
Support for batch processing.
Multi-threading of time consuming processses for efficient use of multi-core CPUs.

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