Medusa/pcWin (c) COMSA GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

For every employment - on pc or workstation - the world-wide well known CAD system MEDUSA offers an optimal and universal solution. The Windows version includes complete 2D drafting and Parametrics (for variational construction) and is an optimal solution for most users. Medusa/pcWin allows the exchange of drawings with Medusa on workstation, the full compatibility is guaranteed. Medusa/pcWin is COMSA&qout;s further development of Computervision&qout;s Medusa, made available on pc. To use the CAD-program as a stand-alone system, COMSA developed several additional modules. The most important module was the Medusa-File-Converter, to guarantee full compatibility between Medusa/pcWin and all other Medusa versions running on SUN, VAX, Alpha and HP workstations. We are active world-wide and the international success is mainly based on the engagement of our partners in many European and over-sea countries. Additional applications for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering are based on Medusa/pcWin. Medusa/pcWin is Medusa running under Windows: Not more, but even not less. If you want to make sure the efficiency of Medusa/pcWin, visit our download-area and get a try-out version. This version is a normal version that doesn&qout;t allow saving, printing and cutting into clipboard while it is in demo mode.

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