PROMT 6 (c) PROMT *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

PROMT 6 (c) PROMT *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*
PROMT Professional 9.0 is a business solution with the most flexible capabilities for managing the quality of translation. With PROMT Professional 9.0 you can quickly obtain high-quality translations of documents, Web sites, or emails. You can also create corporate databases of translations of similar documents (for example, contracts or manuals) using the Translation Memory technology.

We recommend PROMT Professional 9.0 for:

* translating documents in the applications of the Microsoft Office 20002007 suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint), and Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Pro
* translating texts with specialized lexicon (for example, industry-specific terminology)
* translating instant messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, and MSN Messenger
* translating Web pages in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox


Ultimate control over the quality of translation
Highly accurate setup of the system for translating specialized texts. Choose a profile and then enable your own dictionaries, specialized dictionaries from the installed PROMT dictionary collections, or Translation Memory databases.

Translation function can be built into the most popular applications.

* Microsoft Office 2000-2007;
* Writer v. 23;
* Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 58;
* Mozilla Firefox 1.5-3.5;
* Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 69;
* ICQ 2003b, ICQ Lite, ICQ6;
* QIP Infium RC3 (9017);
* Windows Live Messenger v. 8;
* Skype v. 34.

Quick and easy translation of PDF files
Translate using PROMT Translator or use built-in translation features and translate directly in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Support for ORFO spellchecking software
Find and correct typos quickly and reliably.

Batch file translation
Save time by translating several files at once

New improved graphical user interface
Before developing our new user interface, we used the results of a large-scale usability study of PROMT products conducted by Usethics in 2008.

Translate only new content. Use Translation Memory for the rest
Create your corporate database of translated texts and save time for subsequent translation of similar documents. The system will automatically translate common sections and terminology (specifications, contract preamble, etc.) by retrieving their translation from Translation Memory databases, according to your corporate standards.

To extend the translating capabilities of the application you can purchase additional Collections of Specialized PROMT Dictionaries.
Supported languages

PROMT Professional 9.0 translates between the following languages:

* English - Russian and Russian - English
* English - German and German- English;
* English-Spanish and Spanish-English;
* English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English;
* English-French and French-English;
* English-Italian and Italian-English;


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