Bitek *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Bitek *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Features

* DPI Guardian engine with signature based detection
* Scalable to national network capacity
* Auditing module for analysing network traffic
* VoIP regulation module for controlling VoIP protocols
* Revenue generating softphone module
* Comprehensive URL blocking module
* Cybersecurity module for network security applications (under development)


* Audit network traffic
* Identify revenue losses relating to VoIP
* Instantly block website access across the entire network
* Allow VoIP telecommunications to be regulated
* Remove illegal ‘grey traffic’ and allow licensed revenue generating traffic
* Free up pipe bandwidth for additional revenue generating services
* Introduce accurate licensing agreements based on network usage
* Create direct revenue streams from VoIP services
* Create CALEA compliance for lawful intercept
* Create sustainable increases in revenue streams
* Recover accurate Government taxes and USF contributions
* Allow for new Cybersecurity services to be introduced

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