Climatic Sumulation Program (for Subsurface Mines and Facilites) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Climatic Sumulation Program (for Subsurface Mines and Facilites) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* ClimSIM is a computer software program that is designed to aid mine ventilation and environmental engineers in the prediction of the thermodynamic and psychrometric properties of air as it flows through underground airways. The program takes into account geothermal gradient, rock thermal conductivity and diffusivity, airflow, air quality, age of the excavation, wetness of the rock surfaces and the siting and capacity of machinery and heat exchangers or other local or disseminated sources of heat and humidity.

The program has been developed to run interactively on personal computers, and in this form it has been used successfully for heat load estimation and refrigeration planning in deep metalliferous mines, intensively mechanized coal mines, potash mines and conceptual designs for proposed nuclear waste repositories. The ClimSIM program performs an analysis of heat loads on a branch by branch basis and provides a complete output of the air psychrometric conditions. Branches may be sequenced to allow a thermodynamic analysis to be performed on a network of branches, which may represent a single level or even an entire mine. Some of the main features of the CLIMSIM program are listed below:

* Uses spreadsheet-type input format enabling multiple branches to be input with ease.
* Graphical and tabular output of many different parameters
* Sequence tool enabling the user to develop networks.
* Heat source tool to facilitate input of sensible and latent heat sources and sinks.
* Fan & regulator tool to enable the user to account for air pressure variations across fans and regulators. Also allows the user to input the sensible heat addition from fans.
* Advanced evaluation of heat stress indices. The user selects clothing and activity and CLIMSIM predicts skin temperature based on air cooling power.
* Evaluation of the heat addition from dry and wet rock surfaces. CLIMSIM provides a branch by branch summary of sensible and latent heat resulting from the strata, and also from the summation of user specified heat sources and sinks.
* Printing and plotting of graphs and tables to all printers operating in Windows environment.
* Copy and Paste support.
* Full help menu and technical support.


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