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Fusion Design *Unlimited Computers Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel Hardware Key (SHK) Dongle* Innovation, quality, customer driven functionality and untouchable performance have made Fusion one of the world’s leading design software platforms for the home improvement sector and the interior design industry. Our range of planning products is the result of intense market involvement and leadership in providing software solutions to independent and corporate customers alike.

Our desktop software gives the designer the ability to take into account every individual aspect of a project. Fusion Design not only delivers breathtakingly accurate and realistic graphic representations of real manufacturer products, but each element of the final design is also fully accounted for and priced. Variables such as discounts, profit margins and surcharges are all instantly accessible to provide the most accurate pricing tools available.

This focus has helped us become kitchen design software market leaders, not only in the UK but also worldwide, with both 20-20 Fusion Limited and 20-20 Technologies companies supplying and currently maintaining thousands of computer-aided design seats globally, via our extensive distribution network.

Our Fusion Kitchens solution has a long-standing reputation amongst designers and retailers all over the world, renowned for its innovative, cutting-edge and fully integrated planning solutions, supported by an extensive range of manufacturers’ catalogues from a wide variety of countries.

Revolutionising the bathroom design market, we have also recently launched the much anticipated parallel solution tailored for designers and retailers working in the bathroom industry – Fusion Bathrooms.

With the obvious cost benefits of not having to purchase two separate CAD packages, retailers can now plan both kitchens and bathrooms using just a single software product, thereby eliminating the need to invest unnecessary time and money in training designers on two separate systems.

Fusion sets a new standard for point of sale kitchen and bathroom design software by creating the perfect balance of creativity and sales administration. Utilising the latest technology, we’ve combined professional design and presentation software with effective client information management.

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