STAR.LOG, STRIP.LOG, HORIZONTAL.LOG *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM*

STAR.LOG, STRIP.LOG, HORIZONTAL.LOG *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin HASP SRM* STRIP.LOG 6
Easy to Learn and to Use
Whether you are an experienced computer user or not, you can quickly learn to use STRIP.LOG.
If you are familiar with similar Windows programs, you will be off and running in minutes.
Saves Log Creation and Data Input Time
Rapidly create well logs that are rich in data, including: ROP and Gas data, lithology and other symbols, engineering and geological descriptions, surveys, porosities, and grain sizes.
Automatically import ROP, Gas and other data for gas detectors and EDR systems.
High-Quality Output
Clear, precise, professional quality printed strip logs.
Complete header information for the well, the operator, the geologist, cores, DSTs, plan, elevation, etc.
Easy to reprint or make corrections.
Export any data from the log.
Industry Standard
WellSight Systems&qout; products are used by:
most Canadian geological consultants,
all major oil and gas companies in North America,
exploration companies throughout the world.

WellSight Systems produced the first strip log drafting tool designed specifically for professional geologists and mud loggers who need to produce informative, professional, color, horizontal well logs. HORIZONTAL.LOG has the same ease-of-use and quality of output as our other products.
Measured depth runs horizontally, both on the screen and on the printed log.
Slide/rotate track built-in.
Enter full survey data including, Measured Depth (MD), True Vertical Depth (TVD), angle, direction, latitude, longitude, vertical section, and dog leg.
A large Well Bore Cross-Section track representing MD versus TVD contains the following information:
The TVD scale (vertical exaggeration) can be set to any range and changed at any Measured Depth (similar to the Gas and ROP data curves.)
Formations surrounding the well bore can be represented in two dimensions by drawing lithology and accessory symbols at any position in MD / TVD.
Text blocks for sample descriptions, formation tops, trips, etc. can be placed at any position in the track with optional pointers to the appropriate features.
Important features can be annotated by drawing graphic lines with the mouse.
Multiple Survey Layers can be plotted representing, e.g., prognosed vs. actual well-bores.

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