Stilista (c) GMI *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro*

Stilista (c) GMI *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel SuperPro* Through the built-in lettering system you can insert writings in your design. Lettering in Stilista 2000 is easy to use and writings can be manipulated just like any other object, as if you had punched them yourself.
It is also possible to modify any writing character, apply 3D effects, change any fill of a character, and even create new fonts. The program can therefore manage fonts of any dimension.

We also supply several fonts with different styles and characteristics: traditional and modern fonts together with more funny ones suited for children and spare time items.
The basic package includes 20 fonts, the system is then enriched with a huge collection of additional fonts. In order to better analyze this, click on relevant icons.

The lettering program is the topmost for high quality monogramming, and you have total control of each parameter, i.e. the stitch and underlay type, the underlay border distance, the X-Y offset, the stitch density, the hidden short stitches, the first stitch distance from the border, etc. All the parameters can be modified in order to get a perfect monogramming on any fabric.
Software Features
Basic package No 1 of 20 fonts
9 additional package, containing 6 fonts each
On line help
Manipulation of objects from the text with the possibility to modify quickly fonts, dimensions position, slant (with automatic point ricalculation)
Direction: from left to right
Text on line, arc, circle
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic lock stitch
Add lettering to existent embroideries
Automatic placement (automatic design centering)
Slant effect +/- 60 degrees

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