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Softwell Maker Standard and Enterprise *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Sentinel Hardware Key* Productivity increment.
- With Maker, the developer does not need to master a language, its syntax and semantics. He can focus exclusively on business rules of the system that is being developed or updated. This approach extends the capacity to develop systems dozens of times faster than traditional methods.
Collaborative development.
- Using a new development method, Maker is also used during the requirements specification, providing greater interaction between the expert (one that understands the business) and the developer, reducing the gap between business and IT. It is possible to produce functional prototypes that turns, immediately, in the final application. Makerflows are widespread and easy to read, even by people who are not in the area of IT. Thus, the Maker allows eliminating consistently the sources of errors associated with the definition and requirements management.
Software project documentation.
- The documentation of the project, an essential element in the process of software development, is generated during the whole construction of the system. Moreover, everything is constantly updated to the extent that the project will be developed in full compliance with the final generated application, which allows the replication of application using other technologies.
Technological update.
- With the improvement in communication between the stakeholders involved in the development process, Maker achieves the impressive increase in software development. Nevertheless, it allows the involvement of specialists who do not necessarily dominate the languages involved in the construction of systems to Web (HTML, JavaScript, Java, among others). As an example, a developer specializing in Clipper or Cobol can be inserted in the process of developing Web applications.
Web Migration and Database Migration.
- With Maker, you can create and publish Web systems in real time. Everything that is done with the tool is available on the Internet automatically. Moreover, setting the development environment for access to the repository of applications in the global network, allows the reuse of complete forms, business rules and reports, increasing the gain in productivity. Using the tool, the structure and data migrating process is performed with a few clicks.
Technological independence.
- With Maker, artifacts (screens, flows and reports) are written in XML, an intermediate and open language, and then interpreted in a web application server. This keeps the rules of business (most important) even with the change of technology, so that the system will always be updated and according to the technology of the moment. Although not the focus and purpose, it is also possible to generate the entire source code of the system in the desired language (currently available in Java). Currently, the generated applications are executed in Java or dotNet platforms.
Learning curve for new technologies.
- The Maker intelligence prioritizes simplicity. A Maker developer (programmer, systems analyst or business) do not need to learn the syntax of a language, be concerned if the code is client or server, if the language is Java, Java Script, SQL or another among a hundred acronyms used to web development: Hibernate, JSF, Struts, PHP, JSP or JSTL. Thus, an IT professional can, in just 40 hours, be able to develop web enterprise applications and are valued for what really matters: the ability to create business solutions.
Labor management.
- Maker is a simple tool that promotes, above all, an easy understanding of the business by professionals. In cases of change or arrival of new professionals, the adjustment progress to the tool and the project is very quick. With the repository and the system saved in Internet, the knowledge will not be limited to one or another professional, bringing more independence and business security. Finally, Maker is the only that offers guarantee of continuity for the systems that are being constructed, independent of the internal changes and future technological changes.
Maintenance of applications
- In Maker, the closest to the idea of programming are flowcharts. Flows using diagrams that symbolize a system processing that changes or views data, or performs a task with forms or reports. The flow makes more intuitive the understanding of the programming logic. Beyond that, all agree that working with images is more simple than code lines to interpret. Thus, forget the search for error in line codes during the maintenance!

Impact change analysis.
- All functionality implied in Maker artifacts are fully mapped. Before making any change, you can check the impact related to the change in some other object on which it depends and which depend on it.

Applications Complexity.
- Maker was designed to meet simple and complex systems, such as ERPs and CRMs. As a case of success, in September this year, the city of Paulo Afonso, Bahia, was awarded with the e-Gov, of the Federal Government, in dispute with projects developed under state and federal governments. In Paulo Afonso, there are 35 integrated systems, with thousands of simultaneous users, integrating all municipal bodies, including tax systems management, control of active debt, health and education systems.

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