Vis Project, PCAnalyzeN, AdvAnalyze (c) Gianni Pucillo *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

Vis Project, PCAnalyzeN, AdvAnalyze (c) Gianni Pucillo *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey* AdvAnalyze is a set of modules to use with PCAnalyzeN extending its base functions to simple or complex data Analysis, Filter and Conditioning.
File Format Loaders:
Dycer 1.00
Dycer Win
Dycer 2001
Binary (bin)
Compressed Binary (bic) DLFG
DLCescor (16 channels)
ASCII Text (txt)
PBK file from VisProject
proprietary optimized format PCA
* generic loader from local support or from your Internet web site through standard TCP/IP protocol
* Bookmark list, not limited amount, search function, open new windows, saveable file&qout;s settings
* Start/End Period list with period name definition, color, brush and interaction commands
* MultiChannel to handle data files with more than 4 channels
* MultiFile to visualize and interact different files
* Channel Editor able to edit values, add channels, remove channels, save as a new file, etc.
* FileEditor can copy and paste channels
* FnSelector, function selector:
Mathematica 5.0 calculation
channel generator Mathematica 5.0 calculation
Minimum Medium Maximum representation
Free Math Formula (3 levels)
channel generator based on Free Math Formula (3 levels)
I.V.C.E. graphic representation (electric field variability regulation)
Create a New File
Create a New Window
Create data and handle with cache memory
Add channels to file/window
Substitute channels to file/window
selectable period to work on
Standard Deviation and other statistical functions

VisProject is a software dedicated to 3D visualization/(simulation) real-time and interactive.
It is born to let any user a way to apply 3D, for any application field may need it.

Are not requested any particular know-how (such geometric/mathematic, analysis, programming, even about VisModules advanced algorithm).
PCAnalyzeN is an Analysis, Filter and Conditioning software that handles data that comes mostly from PCRemote series softwares. Based on its modularity, it can reads different data formats.
Properties: - selectable language
- from one to four channel/trace, selectable (see also AdvAnalyze)
- video and printer graphic/information setting (title, channels legend, fonts, colors, etc.)
- non limited amount on graphically represented data
- automatic Channels range*
- automatic visualization/acquisition range* or non limited user configurable
- mouse/keyboard easy zoom, pan and scale on X axe, Y axe (single or all channels)
- Limits Over/Under statistic calculation and graph visualization
- One settable period used for analysis and print
- HeaderInfo function graph interactive: channels tabular data, events date and time, enable/disable channels graph visualization
- Graphic printing (partial or total)
- Tabular data printing (partial or total)
- Statistic printer on Limit Over/Under
- indipendent and dimensionable graph window
- can handle more than one monitor
- easly updateable with AdvAnalyze modules

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