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Benefits ConCrete
Within the BuildSoft ConCrete design software for reinforced concrete beam analysis, your designs couldn&qout;t be easier to set up: just define model geometry, cross-sections, (elastic) supports and loads interactively within ConCrete&qout;s user - friendly environment.
Through a few mouse clicks, you can easily change any design parameter. Instantly, all related analysis results (from internal forces up to reinforcement diagrams) will be updated automatically - maintaining full associativity between analysis data and results.
ConCrete performs organic design calculations based on the behaviour of structural members in ultimate and serviceability limit states. All of this complies with Eurocode 2 and a wide range of national standards.
ConCrete instantly provides you with deformations (considering the effects of cracks and creep), internal forces, reinforcement requirements, ... and presents all of this in clear graphs. Results of design verifications are translated into reinforcement plans and cutting lists.
The ConCrete design software provides you with a complete solution - standard. It offers you structural and loads modeling capabilities, static analysis, limit state design verification and the creation of reinforcement plans and cutting lists.

Features ConCrete
• Extremely attractive and comfortable user interface with floating toolbars, project navigation tree and interactive windows for definition of geometry, boundary conditions and loads.
• Automated creation of loads combinations according to EC1.
• Static analysis of reinforced concrete beams, floor plates, ground beams, rafts and columns.
• Evaluation of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement requirements - according to EC2 and national standards. Evaluation of minimal and optimal cross-sectional dimensions.
• Evaluation of cracked deformation based on required and/or actual reinforcement quantities, with allowance for the effects of creep.
• Evaluation of minimum requirements on longitudinal reinforcement in view of allowable crack width.
• Automatic update of all analysis results upon the change of any design parameter.
• Automated creation of design analysis report.
• User-definable reinforcement parameters: bar diameter, number of bars per layer, elimination priority, ...
• Automated translation of required reinforcement quantities into a practical reinforcement design. Evaluation of reinforcement bar length considering translation of moment diagram and anchorage length requirements.
• Continuous or discontinuous reinforcement bars at support points. Straight or curved reinforcement anchors. Continuous or discontinuous reinforcement anchors.
• Verification of cracked deformations and crack width based on actual reinforcement quantities.
• Extensive number of annotation options.
• Automated creation of cutting list from reinforcement plan.
• Export of reinforcement plan to CAD software for concrete design (through DXF or proprietary formats).
Benefits PowerFrame
Within PowerFrame’s user-friendly environment, you define model geometry, boundary conditions and loads graphically.
An extensive set of tools (conveniently grouped in an icon toolbox) provides smooth access to PowerFrame’s modeling power: automatic generation of wind and snow loads, elastic supports, variable cross-sections, ... are just a couple of typical examples.
PowerFrame is built on state-of-the-art finite element solver technologies. PowerFrame provides you with a rich set of solution sequences, including first-order and second-order static analysis and dynamic analysis.
Built-in design rules for steel, reinforced concrete and timber empower you to optimally design portal frames, trusses and beams in a short time period.
Limit state design verifications can be done according to Eurocodes 2 and 3, and according to a wide range of national standards.
PowerFrame is flexible. Thanks to its ingenious license structure and its innovative network licensing system, PowerFrame will give you at any instant of time the optimal answer to changing design analysis needs. Each PowerFrame version offers structural and loads modeling capabilities, static and dynamic analysis, limit state design verification and reporting capabilities, and can be extended with advanced dynamic analysis capabilities or with fire resistance analysis capabilities.

Features PowerFrame
• Graphical definition of model with built-in model tools or import of Diamonds model.
• Extensive material library, fully customizable by the user. Several material types can be defined using an appropriate set of material properties: idealized fire buffers, fire protection materials, general construction materials and several steel, concrete & timber grades.
• Efficient definitions of composite sections using an embedded section utility tool, perfectly integrated with the material library.
• Fast assignment of reinforcement areas within concrete sections of arbitrary shape.
• Modal analysis (calculation of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes).
• Seismic analysis based on the design spectrum (PS92 and Eurocode 8).
• Dynamic analysis using modal superposition method for harmonic and periodic loads.
• Definition of fire loads through an appropriate fire curve and the imposed fire resistance requirements. Choose between ISO 834, external, hydrocarbon and parametric fire curves.
• Thermodynamic analysis of structural members subjected to fire loads, accounting for heat radiation, convection and conduction. Automatic selection of most appropriate analysis strategy depending on cross-section type (solid vs. slender cross sections).
• Calculation of indirect actions (tension, compression, bending,...) caused by a global temperature increase and/or temperature gradient, considering imposed deformation restraints. Indirect action can be limited to account for plastic behaviour of nodes.
• Evaluation of impaired mechanical properties as a function of temperature.
• Verification of steel member resistance and stability considering fundamental and accidental loads combinations. Impaired mechanical properties are automatically accounted for within the verifications for accidental loads combinations.
• Calculation of reinforcement quantities for concrete members, considering fundamental, accidental & serviceability loads combinations. Effective area of concrete section and impaired mechanical properties of reinforced bars are automaticallly accounted for when considering accidental loads combinations.
• Access to CAD software packages through DXF and DSTV.
• Integration with Tekla Structures through COM-interface.
• Complete and concise reports, ready for printing or for export as RTF-file.
Benefits PowerConnect
BuildSoft PowerConnect is a dedicated steel connection design tool. Within PowerConnect&qout;s user-friendly steel design software environment you define single-sided or double-sided connections for a wide range of practical designs quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, connections can be imported directly from PowerFrame.
Design changes can then be defined easily, enabling structural engineers and steel contractors to test several designs in a short time frame and finally go for the most optimal solution.
PowerConnect implements the most recent limit state design methods according to Eurocode 3 or IS800.
In spite of the complexity of those methods, PowerConnect&qout;s strong solver capabilities enable you to evaluate almost instantly the impact of design changes on the connection&qout;s design resistance and stiffness. You&qout;ll soon be developing better insights into the quantitative importance of the most relevant steel connection design parameters.
PowerConnect provides you with a complete steel design software solution for welded and bolted steel connection design - standard. PowerConnect offers connection and loads modeling capabilities, static analysis, limit state design verification and reporting capabilities.
All of this at a fixed price.

Features PowerConnect
General features
• Easy and fast definition of connections from an extensive library of typical connection designs.
• Graphical user interaction for definition of design modifications.
• Unlimited number of loads combinations.
• Import of steel member connections from PowerFrame. User-definable threshold on connection loads for automatic identification of most critical loads combinations from global frame design.
Connections between H- or I- cross-sections
• Extensive range of connection types: beam-column, beam- column-beam, beam-beam, column base, beam-beam with bolted plate on flanges and/or web.
• Choice between wide range of stiffeners: end plate, end plate stiffener, web stiffener, backing plate, web plate, haunch, base plate with cramps, end plate stiffener, bolted plate on beam flange, bolted plate on beam web, connection angle, fin plate, transverse plate.
• Standard preferences for connections and stiffeners easily defined by user.
• Optimisation of bolt positions according to Eurocode 3.
• Calculation of connection design resistance (bending, shear and compression/tension). Limit state design verification of connections with respect to design values of internal forces.
• Fast identification of undersized and oversized components through colour-coding on connection geometry of each component’s level of exhaustion.
• Evaluation of effective design stiffness and export to PowerFrame for limit state design of structural steel frames.
Hollow Core Section connections
• Analysis of tubular connections of type T, Y, DY, X, K, N, KT & DK (circular & rectangular cross-section).
• Analysis of axial force resistance tubular members, and of in- plane and out-of-plane bending moment resistance.
• Creation of plan views including annotation. Export capability to DXF, allowing for further elaboration in CAD environment.
• Automated creation of design analysis report with preview capability. Report can be saved as RTF file.


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