Elitron CAD 2D, EliCUT, EliTAC 3D, EliStile 3D, (c) Elitron IPM srl *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey*

Elitron CAD 2D, EliCUT, EliTAC 3D, EliStile 3D, (c) Elitron IPM srl *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Eutron SmartKey* EliStile 3D is the software completely developed by Elitron for the stylistic designing. It allows the digitalization of the last through 3D digitizer or through import of the standard format files from specialized software. Besides, with Elistile 3D it is possible to digitize the style lines drawn on the last or to draw the style lines directly on screen.
Main functions
The style can be created directly on the last or imported from ElitronCad 2D and applied on the last. Extremely useful on the stylistic point of view, is the possibility to apply the same style on different lasts, because EliStile 3D provides automatically for the adjustment of the style for the new last.
The software stands out for the extreme easiness of use and immediacy typical of Elitron products, further it produces a big variety of renderings and the view of different materials, colours and texture.
But the extraordinary advantage of EliStile 3D is the possibility to transfer directly data to ElitronCad 2D: also those that so far have worked only with ElitronCad 2D can see their styles in 3D. EliStile 3D and ElitronCad 2D can be perfectly integrated, in order to offer more advantages to the user of Elitron range products.
EliCUT P1 is the most advanced CNC cutting machine using punch technology for fibred cardboard. As all Elitron products, EliCUT P1 stands out for its reliability, productivity, easiness of use and cutting quality. It is an open system and completely interface able with marketed Cad systems, by means of Dialogo, specific module for the interfacement.
Main technical features
Among its main features:
• system for numbers and text
• Easy and complete management software
• Possibility of cutting insoles, thanks to specific functions
• Mechanical movement obtained through setscrews
• Cardboard movement through a locking grid (exclusive “sandwich” locking device).
• Soundproofing system
• Net connection

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