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Think3 for Tooling

Whether you have to deal with plastic injection molds, metal stamping or casting, it is certainly an extremely important step that makes ""real"" what has been envisioned in the 3D digital world.
Unfortunately the transition from digital to reality is not so smooth as we would like because the 3D models are often not prepared taking in account the downstream treatments.
Another common issue is that the 3D models are often not finished or not in ""frozen design state"", which means that the tooling phase starts before getting the final model: the user has to prepare the tool-mold on an acerbous 3D model, trying to foresee the possible changes and waiting for the final ""frozen"" model.

think3 provides to these companies cutting-edge technology tailored for their experienced users.

ThinkDesign Tooling, MoldDesign, Die Design, Compensator allow to:
- treat legacy large size data;
- heal the data;
- easily introduce changes needed for the stamping phase;
- use exceptional modification tools;
- use specialized and automatic tool for mold creation;
- have unsurpassed possibilities in the compensation phase;
- create the complete mold assembly.

For the bigger companies we provide also excellent tools for organization of the data that allows to keep track of the changes, detect and control file usage for single and groups of users, output reports, part data, part lists, all in a friendly and customizable user interface.

ThinkDesign Tooling: the ultimate hybrid CAD solution for the creation of moulds and tools
ThinkDesign Tooling is think3’s comprehensive CAD solution designed for tool makers and engineers specializing in tool & die creation. Built on strong CAD foundations, ThinkDesign Tooling features think3’s innovative technologies such as GSM? (Global Shape Modeling) and Zone Modeling that allow real-time modifications of complex models. ThinkDesign Tooling offers libraries of 3D components and the most popular commercial catalogs, and it can be completed by adding CAM software, a wide range of direct converters and the fully integrated thinkPLM solution. The management of files in various CAD formats of varying quality levels is one of the most challenging tasks for mold makers. Therefore it is very important to have the right tools to easily modify the models in neutral formats (IGES, STEP, etc...) they receive from their customers. A key element of the mold design process is still made in a “mixed environment” that brings together the speed of 2D and the quality and accuracy of surface and solid modeling. For this reason, ThinkDesign Tooling offers a single 2D/3D integrated design environment that can be used by specialists according to their needs.

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