Spindel, Stahl, Holz, Rohling, CNC Treppenbau programms (c) Wagemeyer GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Spindel, Stahl, Holz, Rohling, CNC Treppenbau programms (c) Wagemeyer GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* The spindle program
Designing stairs with the computer
Design spiral staircases in a few minutes. The program reads out the default values of your production line, e.g. stage strength, column diameter and hand rail mass and transfers this as defaults. Sure, these defaults can be individually entered also for each stairs.

Indicate simply the desired stair diameter and correct the suggestion after customer&qout;s request. The construction is final already.

Of course it is also possible to indicate around the stages or adapt only the landing to its process a cover hole.

Now you have the following possibilities of the expenditure:
1:1-print of steps and handrails
Step plates 1:10
Assembly drawing with the most important statements
For the metalworkers we offer an appropriate steel spindle version. With this landing sub-constructions in V and stage sub-constructions in T-form are spent, which on a scale 1:10 are printed out.
The steel stair program
Designing stairs with the computer
With our steel program you are able to design two-beam, middle-beam and bolt stairs; optionally there is a module to design steel string stairs. Choose between harps, segment or railings. Plan connected stairs with up to three floors.

The program is setted on your standard manufacturing production line. This mass are suggested to you during the stair construction. You can change it then order-specifically. Like that a fast construction of your stairs is ensured.

After the input of the sketch data the program computes a suggestion for the going line with all relevant stair data as for example rise, interpretation, number of upward gradients and Blondel-step-measure. If a ceiling was entered, then additionally the addendum is indicated. Of course the program considers the valid standards of building of stairs. If such a standard should not be able to be kept due to the entered mass once, then on this deviation one makes attentive.
You can usually take over the following suggestion of the program for twisting the stairs without further changes. If this corresponds not completely to your conceptions, a multiplicity of possibilities is ordered to you to affect twisting: begun of the choice of the kind of twisting (constantly/lineary/parabolically) over the definition of the minimum appearance inside up to the manual correction.

The sketched stairs are put down on the non removable disk with names and address of the owner, order number as well as date under a sequential numbering. Now you know the stairs printout yourselves to leave or you directly by means of CNC to manufacture.

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