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Real 3D fully automatically measures the complete structure of a surface. Form, roughness, and contour measurements reach a vertical resolution up to 10nm. Features as the tip radius or indentation of cutting tools can be measured in a single step, which eases quality assurance significantly as it reduces time and improves efficiency. Also, the measurement of geometries which are not measurable with only one line of sight is now achievable. The 3D measurement of features such as relief grinding at threads flanks, concentricity tolerance of e.g. drills, pitch diameter of dies etc. provides yet unknown insight. Form analysis enables the fitting of complex geometries such as cylinders, cones, spheres, and level whereas contour measurement is achieved via fitting of primitives such as circles, lines, angles etc.

Real 3D is a perfect tool to meet the growing standards in terms of surface complexity and production requirements.

* Geometries such as the tip radius or indentation of cutting tools can be measured in a single step instead of multiple measurements.
* Geometries such as relief grinding and concentricity tolerance can be measured
* Tolerance measurements and reverse engineering improve quality assurance

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