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Global Estimating, BETS, BTOS, BOLTS, Scale-Link (c) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Global Estimating is an estimating programme that has been tailored for commercial use in the building and construction industry. It produces Bills of Quantities or detailed Estimates and Cost Plans. Designed primarily for use by commercial building contractors and professional Quantity Surveyors it includes features which allow it to be used in other industries where estimating is required.

Information that is entered into the program can be re-sorted or analysed by the use of powerful grouping columns. For example, the estimate can be summarised to produce totals by area, block, stage, cost centre, accounting group, or any user defined set of codes.

The program is successful throughout the world and has been improved and upgraded over a 15 year period. Many improvements have been in response to customer requests and suggestions.

Projects that the software has been used on include the Hong Kong Airport, the Malaysian Twin Towers, many of the developments for the Olympic Games in Sydney and the recently completed Lang Park Re-Development project in Brisbane.
As a result of co-operation between Buildsoft and a committee of twelve of our Global users, a new module for the Global Estimating System called BETS has resulted.

For the first time, BETS allows you to quickly break up a BOQ into trade packages to send to selected subbies/suppliers via email, fax or surface mail for quoting.

BETS is an ""add-on"" module to the Global Estimating System and is free to all Global users. BETS will save you time and money, and you will no longer have to send the bill out to a third party, thus providing a level of in-house convenience not previously available.

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