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GeODin 4 (c) FUGRO CONSULT GMBH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* A GeODin 7 license offers the ideal introduction to the GeODin platform - collection, organisation and presentation of geological, geotechnical and environmental data. The GeODin 7 license may be extended with one or several GeODin 7 modules allowing you to produce logs, cross-sections & site-plans, do laboratory reporting and analysis, as well as working with GIS and client/server databases.

GeODin data is stored by default in a standard industry format: an .mdb database, without you needing an MS Access license. Data is managed in clearly defined projects and databases, which can be edited at any time - you can work concurrently in more than one project or database. Basic reporting capabilities (tabular presentation of the original data) are included with the GeODin 7 license.
The GeODin Graph editor contains palettes of graphical tools for the creation of simple or complex re-usable templates with tables, images, text and various shapes.
A key feature of GeODin is that once you have created a layout it can be used in countless other projects or databases, integrated into a layout list along with other layout groups and reports, as well as linked to the document management feature. Photos of samples or drilling progress can be integrated in a layout, as can a company logo.
Key Features
Data collection
International standards: ?NORM, GOST, NEN, BS5930, SN
National standards: SEP1, SEP3, KA5
Well design data
Data sequences (CPT, SPT)
Database queries and groups
Data sequence import (ASCII)
Tabular reporting of original data (incl. variable text)
Printable German summary log (DIN 4022)


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