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g.BSanalyze - gtec&qout;s Biosignal Analysis software is an interactive environment for multimodal biosignal data processing and analysis in the fields of clinical research and life sciences. The investigation of patterns and signal features of biosignals allows to observe noninvasively brain, heart- and muscle functions and disfunctions.

g.BSanalyze&qout;s graphical user interface includes functions for defining electrode montages, spatial or temporal filter designs, artifact treatment, quality control, spectral analysis, coherence, correlation, bandpower analysis, ERD/ERS analyses, visualization and data set classification. You can load and save your preferred processing steps as a script program and automatically process your data in g.BSanalyze batch mode.

g.BSanalyze&qout;s processing capabilities allow you to extract relevant features of your multimodal data and to define useful parameters for postprocessing. Use these parameters directly with g.BSanalyze&qout;s classification tools to assign distinct classes to your data.

The combination of the graphical user interface and the programming environment makes g.BSanalyze an unique package for biosignal analyses.

The stand-alone version of g.BSanalyze is able to run without a Matlab installation, but batch processing in the Matlab command window is obviously not possible.

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