COSIMIR, COSIROP 2.0 Programming Software for Mitsubishi Industrial Robots (c) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

COSIMIR, COSIROP 2.0 Programming Software for Mitsubishi Industrial Robots (c) *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* The COSIMIR® 3-D robot simulation system can simulate entire work cells, i.e. systems including both the robot itself and its interaction with its environment. In addition to the entire program of Mitsubishi robots COSIMIR® also supports a broad spectrum of automation equipment including material flow control systems, a variety of sensors and actuators and so on – the automation
components you use to create production systems to meet
the needs of your application. The powerful tools of the
COSIMIR® package help you throughout the planning,
programming and test phases. Reachability checks in the
early planning stages help you to select the most suitable robot systems for the task. You can move the robots and other work cell components around in the simulation at will, making it easy to optimise the layout of your system.
COSIMIR® uses the native robot languages (MELFABASIC
or Movemaster Command) to program the robots within the simulation environment. This means that no additional conversion or processing steps are required when you transfer the resulting programs to real robots. In addition, this enables you to use the familiar robot languages and
all your existing know-how and skills when you are
working with the simulation. The comprehensive online
help system is always available when you need
support with the formulation of the necessary syntax. After
creating your robot programs you can test them directly in
the simulation environment, eliminating the need to
remove the actual work cell from the production process
for testing.
The COSIMIR® and COSIROP packages are powerful tools for achieving maximum efficiency and costeffectiveness in the configuration and operation of robot-supported automation solutions, and they allow you to plan and operate your systems with a very high degree of confidence.
A powerful robot programming language needs an equally powerful programming environment.
COSIROP is the programming environment for all Mitsubishi robots. It allows you to create robot programs in minutes using the MELFA BASIC IV or
MOVEMASTER COMMAND robot programming
languages. After testing and optimising your program you
can then transfer the program to the actual robot with a
couple of mouse clicks, via an efficient direct network or
serial link between the PC and the robot. While the programs are being executed you can monitor and visualise the robot with the help of COSIROP’s
comprehensive control and diagnostics functions. The
real-time axis speeds and motor currents are displayed
clearly, together with the statuses of all the robot’s
inputs and outputs. Live monitoring facilities for all the
programs executed by the controller enable you to track
down program errors quickly and reliably. COSIROP also provides tools for program archival and for
backing up the robot’s parameters and settings.

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