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AppliCad has a world wide reputation for developing the best roof estimating software. This is as much to do with our customers as it is the company&qout;s vision. AppliCad&qout;s customers provide input to what functions the software needs to perform and that challenges the AppliCad team to make the software meet the need. AppliCad is arguably the most innovative company in the business having invented some of the processes that roofers now take for granted.

However, AppliCad wouldn&qout;t be anywhere without the input from the customers who are the drivers for change. Listed below are the software modules for various roof systems.
Roof Master
(for nett costs - materials + labour)
In the building business? Need to produce instant complex and simple roofs? This is software that allows you to layout any roof shape, in 3D, and export it to your favourite CAD or drawing package for further detailing, or to enhance the presentation of your existing designs. It also provides


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