WinDIS 1.21, PowerCAD 4.10 (c) Fractal d.o.o. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

* Graphic module
* Module for connection to the database
* Analysis module:

power flows and voltage falls (three-phase and single-phase)

load Capacity substations and feeders

single and three-pin short circuit

loss of strength and energy

choice and control fuse:
o peak loads
o lawful permanent load shares
o thermal strength with regard to Ikmax
o scope of protection with respect to Ikmin

Setting parameters:

* done with selection of group of elements with common parameters
* all parameters can be propound froma a built-in network elements type database (Access 97 format).


* list of input data and results
* graphic print on single-pin scheme network of preference data

Data exchange with:

* text processors (exported in RTF format)
* graphic programs (export images in Enhanced Metafile Format -
* databases (access tables in Access 97 format)

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