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KeyTERRA, KeyTRAFFIC, KeyLINES, AutoSIGN (c) Key Traffic Systems Ltd. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* KeySIGN is an AutoCAD add-on, providing an easy to learn suite of tools focussed on the design rules for direction signing. It is non-technical and simple to use software. Signs can quickly be created with a ‘What you see is what you get’ approach.

With KeySIGN, the design guidance in the Traffic Signs Manual can be followed effortlessly. The software is supplied with all the correct transport fonts, standard symbols and a library of pre-designed signs. Many signs can also be drawn using a dialog interface, to create designs automatically. Based on professional, industry standard, CAD means that literally any map type sign symbol can be created easily. KeySIGN also comes with a wide range of tools for fine-tuning layouts, to ensure signs are aesthetically pleasing and clearly readable.

KeySIGN is used throughout the UK by all the major sign designing authorities, consultants and sign manufacturers. KeySIGN contains the ideal combination of the design rules and flexibility to create every type of traffic sign quickly, accurately and with great satisfaction.
KeySIGN in Detail
Alongside KeySIGN, professional CAD based design enables complete flexibility to design map type signs for ANY road layout. KeySIGN extends familiar CAD techniques so that designers can easily learn sign design tools.
KeySIGN provides for the holistic approach to sign and sign routing designs. Ordnance Survey mapping can easily be brought into the CAD environment to show in detail the proposed location for each sign to enable designers to think ‘Signing System’. Full coloured signs can be shown easily on the location plan.
KeySIGN continues to be used by the DfT for the preparation of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, and Chapters of the Traffic Signs Manual; and is also used by the Welsh Assembly Government in preparation of the sign design rules for bilingual signs.
KeySIGN provides the means for manufacturers to automate the cutting of sign face material; provides routines for ensuring suitable cut lines are chosen on plank constructions and with the new KeyPOST add-on, provides options for the designer to analyse the structural post and foundation requirements of the final installations on-site.
KeyLINES is the leading road marking and traffic management design software in the UK, allowing engineers to produce road marking and traffic management drawings quickly within the CAD environment. With it the complete range of UK road markings and traffic management features, as set out by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, can be produced. There are also many functions to construct complex and multi-item markings such as whole junction markings with ease and speed. KeyLINES allows for permitted variations, and uses minimums and maximum dimensions when necessary. It also has a library of linetypes, standard symbols and text markings, pre-drawn to the correct size and shape. These combine to become a complete set of all lines, symbols, zig-zags, parking bays and text road markings that traffic engineers require.

All drawings are produced in standard AutoCAD format and are therefore easily exchanged between departments and organisations.

KeyLINES also has many utility functions such as the fast display and manipulation of 3D views from the standard 2D drawing, automatic label creation and instant quantity extraction with cost estimates from the drawing.

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