SofiCAD v.17.1, STATIC v.23, SOFIPLUS v.16.2 (c) SOFiSTiK AG *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

SofiCAD v.17.1, STATIC v.23, SOFIPLUS v.16.2 (c) SOFiSTiK AG *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* SOFiPLUS is SOFiSTiK&qout;s standard pre-processor. Based on AutoCAD 2010 the program takes full advantage of the enhanced AutoCAD modelling-technology enabling the engineer to generate almost any FE-structure - from simple slabs to complicated freeform-surfaces. SOFiPLUS can be purchased as a pure add-on to AutoCAD or included with an integrated AutoCAD 2009-OEM engine.

Modelling of almost any 3D structure
100% AutoCAD compatible
Use all AutoCAD-commands on SOFiPLUS-elements
Full integration into the SOFiSTiK Strcutural Desktop
Multi Document Enviroment - keep several projects opened
Unlimited ""undo""-steps
Import any SOFiSTiK database even if not created with SOFiPLUS
Full interaction with SOFiSTiK?s text-input via TEDDY/CADINP
Multiple vieports
Database for materials and cross-sections
Interactive/automatic superpostioning
Automatic distribution of loads along any line, curve or spline
Free Load, element-loads, volume-loads
Automatic mesh generator (triangular, qudrilateral elements)
Interactive cross-section generator
DWG/DXF In-/Export

The SOFiCAD is the ideal tool for designers and draftsmen, allowing the fast creation of formwork and shop drawings.

Key Features:
full support of all AutoCAD-commands
full support of AutoCAD layout areas
intelligent positioning
fully associative dimensioning accd. to building standards
associative level marks
extensive strucutral & civil symbol catalogue
catlogue wizard
tunnel cross section wizard
mounting parts (e.g. Sch?ck, Pfeiffer, Halfen)
imports structural steel sections from SOFiSTiK FEA
associative hatching accd. to building standards
enhanced layer management
2/3 stair generation wizard

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