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Cafe Central, Cafe Terminal (c) COMALEX Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Caf? Enterprise, the Server-based Point-of-Sale and Meal Application Software Solution designed for K-12 School Food Service. The unique College Mode also makes Caf? Enterprise perfect for Colleges with Meal Plans. Caf? Enterprise automates your sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, State Claim form preparation, and Meal Application entry. If you&qout;re looking for a powerful and affordable state-of-the-art system, it just doesn&qout;t get any better than this!
Caf? Enterprise Point-Of-Sale (POS) software processes your cafeteria sales quickly, tracks all meals and ? la carte items sold, generates a variety of reports, and provides a file for automatic payroll/account deductions of charged activity.

Caf? Enterprise features include:
• Customizable Sales Screen - With categories, items, and ""hot keys"" for frequently sold items. Touchscreen Layouts can be further customized for each user/cashier.
• Free and Reduced Meal Applications can be scanned and entered using the unique “key from image” feature, or entered manually. Eligibility is determined automatically, and patron statuses are updated immediately. The system also performs Verification selection and prints all the required letters.
• Sales Reports - Users may print Sales Activity Reports for individual facilities, or create Facility Groups, and view/print combined reports. Combined district reports can also be printed.
• SQL database stored and accessed from a central server. A Terminal Services server may also be used.
• SIF 2.0 Compliance (Schools Inter-operability Framework) - SIF is an industry-supported technical blueprint for primary and secondary (K-12) school software which enables diverse software applications to interact and share data seamlessly. The Comalex SIF agent shares student data with your SIF-Compliant Student Management System, which eliminates duplication of data entry.
• Caf? Integration. is the online payment site for school meals where parents can monitor what their children are eating by viewing their participation reports, and replenish their meal account funds using their Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. The Caf? Prepay Desktop Widget (shown below) may also be downloaded by parents from the Caf? Prepay website. The widget shows each child’s current meal account balance, and allows parents to quickly and easily connect to Caf? Prepay to view reports and make payments.

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