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High-content analysis is essential to the future of drug development. At the same time, technologies such as automated microscopy are generating vast quantities of image data containing a wealth of information. This information is often critical in making an informed decision in the course of the development of a new drug.
Definiens Cellenger comprises a set of workflow tools and modular image analysis components. Deployed in combination with any enterprise client application, it provides a complete system for working with cell-based and high-content assays.
Definiens Cellenger satisfies the demand of both pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers looking for versatile, easy-to-use image analysis in high-content screening. Definiens Cellenger extracts from images the information required to reduce risk by means of translational science.
Definiens Cellenger is instrument- and process-independent, enabling image data from multiple platforms to be employed and even combined in an experiment, regardless if it is an assay development or a full screening trial.
Definiens Cellenger is versatile, covering every assay development need. And it is powerful, satisfying even the most challenging demands of complex image analysis. Perhaps best of all, it is very easy to handle; even users with no image analysis and programming skills can exploit its full potential. All analysis tasks are packed into smart units that are available in a unique modular system. Each module provides a specific task such as detection, classification, and quantification of cells, nuclei, sub-cellular structures such as the Golgi apparatus, labeled proteins, and many other objects of interest.
Detection, separation and multi-morphometric quantification of cells and sub-cellular structures.
The modular design of Definiens Cellenger enables the user to configure and adapt individual image analysis solutions in the course of a single assay development. Definiens Cellenger supports all common plate and image formats. Loading templates enabling seamless data import from all major HCA instrument platforms are part of the package.

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