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TDV&qout;s RM 2006 product for static and dynamic design and analysis of steel, concrete, and composite structures is used by hundreds of bridge design firms worldwide. The software is applicable to the design of virtually all bridge types - from simple segmented bridges to complex cable-stayed and suspension bridges to long crossings - and has been proven on thousands of projects. A number of these bridges have achieved historic milestones and are, or will soon become, global landmarks. Examples include:

Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong, which has a main span of 1018 meters, making it the first cable-stayed bridge ever designed with a main span longer than 1000 meters

The 8206-kilometer-long Sutong Bridge in China, which will cross the Yangze River and include a multi-span cable-stayed section with a world-record-setting longest span of 1088 meters

Hardanger Bridge in Norway, a suspension bridge that will have a main span of approximately 1310 meters

The new Woodrow Wilson Bridge in the United States, which will consist of two side-by-side bascule bridges each 1852 meters in length

""This acquisition exemplifies Bentley&qout;s strategic focus on providing comprehensive software solutions for infrastructure projects,"" said Bhupinder Singh, senior vice president, Bentley Software. ""RM 2006 adds sophisticated, advanced structural analysis capabilities to Bentley&qout;s market-leading structural design solutions, including our RAM and STAAD product lines, and expands our transportation design portfolio to encompass all elements of a roadway or rail design project.""

By integrating the capabilities of RM 2006 with those of Bentley&qout;s recently acquired BridgeKey software for load analysis rating and heavy-load permitting on existing bridges, as well as its GEOPAK Bridge, InRoads Bridge, Bentley Rebar, Bentley PowerRebar, and other products, Bentley now provides an end-to-end bridge design and management solution. This opens the door to streamlined workflows and significant productivity improvements for organizations in the roadway and bridge sectors.

RM 2006 provides built-in time dimension, parametric geometry definition, and integrated tendon design, allowing sophisticated calculation of time-dependent properties for all bridge types and construction sequences. In addition, it supports design to a full array of international design codes, including AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Bridge Specifications, and offers sophisticated linear and nonlinear analysis options. These options include segmental construction loading, stage construction and erection control, stochastic wind event design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), wind tunnel simulation, and more.

Said Singh, ""With the software&qout;s advanced parametric modeling and construction sequence-based analysis, bridge designers will be able to model and analyze every stage of the bridge construction project. In addition to staged construction analysis, the design team can now consider dynamic load conditions from wind, water, and high-speed trains.""

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