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Sema 11.0L Build 5400: Software solution for timber structures, connections, construction of stairs, prefabricated houses, manufacturing and sales in the construction sector.

Sema 11.0L Build 5400:
SEMA - intuitive and easy to use software that helps users to build high-quality roofing and buildings. Basic Plan, and variety of options for entering your profile roof provides the user with the necessary flexibility. As accurate, extremely fast and the perfect design leads to savings in the cost of designing structures.

Quickly design:
Standardized component library - a framework for rapid design. We deliver our software, data on the most commonly used wooden and steel components, as well as many design details.

Various applications:
Is the project a new building or renovation of existing, is there any detailed plans on inclined terrain, different slopes of the roof or variable distance to the rafters and trusses: flexibility - this is our horse. And then, an integrated visualization will show your project to the customer in the best light.

Flexibility in the wooden construction:
Most important in designing the new project is a fast and efficient job requirements of the customer. Is the project fahtverknoy traditional design, the building of the bar, frame and panel construction, or like a brick house, SEMA combines all these requirements with a broad and simple functions in a modern user interface.

Working with the System:
With the help of our standard software, you can create any kind of construction projects. SEMA makes a simple cataloging of specific standards for firms without sacrificing flexibility. The system grows with the requirements of users.

Excellent results:
Practical options for printing projects, flexible functionality of the master data for the calculation and parts lists, as well as integration with MS OFFICE programs proposes major advantages to the user in designing and working with lists of materials.

Beam Building:
Bruce is one of the most traditional materials for wooden construction, it is very popular due to the natural look and natural healthy indoor climate. The program provides a wide range of use of any sections of timber and treatments for the compounds of wooden structures.

Special requirements of the project:
The structure of the square log walls is very different from the structure of walls of other wooden buildings. Beam walls require special compounds and treatments to ensure long-term thermal and wind protection. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the timber - a &qout;live&qout; material.

Flexible software:
Special requirements for square log house building need to be very flexible software. SEMA offers not only easy and quick creation of elements and special treatments, but the automatic functions necessary for the effective calculation of the walls.

High technology in prefabricated constructions:
Fast and high quality individual design, efficient processes and high quality production - requirements prefabricated industry today.

Designing for any problems:
The modular structure of programs SEMA tvechaet all modern requirements and design of wooden prefabricated structures. Software SEMA can be adapted to the special needs of each company through committed Master data and technology macros.

Control of production processes:
SEMA - a solution that combines high standards in construction with simple and clear operations to effectively and rapidly creating and moving items roofs, floors and walls. Automatically create data for woodworking machinery and to manage multifunctional machining centers are the needs of modern manufacturing processes.

The modern design of stairs:
In the open architecture of modern buildings, the stairs turned from just a functional item into a decorative element. In modern staircase various materials such as wood, steel and glass are combined in the project.

Quickly design:
With our efficient technology master data and its automatic functions can be quickly created templates and drawings, according to the wishes of the client.

Flexibility - our competitive advantage:
Regardless of what type of ladder you design - a rectangular naklonnorazve-rnuty, or spiral, using a carriage or stringer, bolts, Bolz, or pouring concrete - SEMA offers various editing features for even the most complex parts. Integration module stairs in a software package SEMA allows you to create stairs in buildings designed, as well as additional validation of the project - updated 3D representation of the assembly.

Best in CAD:
SEMA, using many built-in CAD functions, offers a universal tool for CAD design, data input and output of finished projects. At the disposal of the user at any time are necessary features of design, which allows a rational and fast combination of 2D and 3D to create the necessary plans, sections, species and parts.

Work with the project ""alive"":
Predefined templates for individual stamps bring to perfection the result of planning. The output for the user is ""alive"" with the changes in the 3D view, so that any changes are automatically updated in all types of buildings.

Virtual World:
Our motto - ""So really, as far as possible."" Already in the phase of preliminary design, 3D visualization is very useful in the work - not only to represent the future of the project for a client, but also for the designer to review, monitor and display information.

Means of connection:
Is all the traditional wooden compound or with a steel connecting element - SEMA in each case suggest a suitable connection, transmitted to the drawings of parts and the corresponding entry in the list of materials.

3D processing:
For more complex designs are available extensive libraries with flexible 3D processing, such as free cuts, spikes, notches, drilling, etc. For greater flexibility for custom designs and processing of steel components can freely be determined and adjusted to the necessary requirements, thus broadening the possibilities of design.
CNC Machine + CAD = MCAD:
MCAD binds CAD functions SEMA demanding machine control and accounting of materials. Even complex processing may be precisely defined in the structural program, and then can be made on a machine without additional data entry.
Estimated program ""Estimated expert"":
1. Adapting estimates for the amount.
2. Examination of the estimates.
3. Search costs in the regulatory framework.
4. Replacement of overhead costs and estimated profits.
5. Adding the estimates of the material (equipment).
6. Saving estimates in separate files.
7. Group selection costs.
8. Import data from ARPS.
9. Export estimates in MS Excel.
10. Initial estimates of new indices for other regions.
11. Editing endings.
12. Rechallenge rates.
13. Network schedules. Calculation of the workload.
14. Working with the correction factor.
15. Network schedules. Imports from the estimated expert.

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