Prisma Spectroscopy and Colorimetry 2004 (c) Ilis GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Prisma Spectroscopy and Colorimetry 2004 (c) Ilis GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Color is an important design and recognition factor for products and packages; it can even be the decisive factor regarding the product acceptance. The continuous and objective control of the color is an absolute prerequisite for constant quality, especially when natural or recycled materials with varying chemical compositions are used.
With the software package PRISMA and a PC-controlled photospectrometer, you can determine exactly the spectral transmittance and reflectance properties of solids and liquids, and calculate and display the Helmholtz and CIELAB/CIELUV color values.
PRISMA is available as Standard, Professional (with statistical and report functionality), Glass (with special analysis methods for glass industry) and Expert (all modules) edition. Customized packages and adaptations are also available on request.
• Windows® user interface (English/German/French)
• Integrated database with user access management and management of organizational data
• Comfortable management of all parameters with measurement templates
• Direct control of spectral photometers type ilis® SmartSpec, PerkinElmer® Lambda, Thermo Electron® UV/Helios/Evolution, Shimadzu® UV, HunterLab® UltraScan PRO
• Measurement of the spectral transmittance and reflectance properties in air or in immersion solution
• Graphical display of the transmittance and reflectance spectra with many evaluation possibilities
• Standardization of transmittance spectra for any layer thickness
• Measurement and compensation for wavelength-dependent boundary reflectance
• Measurement and compensation for the absorption of immersion solutions
• Management of reference standards and calculation of deviations
• Calculation of Te, Re, Tv, Rv, Tuv and Ra according to EN 410:1998 and ISO 9050:2003
• Determination of the tristimulus values and chromaticity coordinates according to the spectral method
• Color determination according to Helmholtz and presentation in chromaticity diagram
• CIELAB and CIELUV color determination and presentation in Lab and Luv color space
• Conversion to standard illuminants A, C or D65 and 2° or 10° colorimetric observer
• Calculation and presentation of mean value and standard deviation
• Automated measurement procedures and statistical outlier checking 1)
• Graphical trend analysis and monitoring of tolerances 1)
• Data export of any parameter as file or via the clipboard 1)
• Creation and automatic output of user-defined reports 1)
• Evaluation and graphical presentation of the inspection ability of amber glass 2)
• Determination of the redox state (Fe2+/Fe3+ ratio according to Bamford/Hudson) 2)
• Determination of concentration of important coloring ions in glass and graphical comparison of measured and calculated transmittance spectra 3)
• Calculation of the color effect of packaging glass based on the chemical composition 3)

1) Prof./Glass/Expert 2) Glass/Expert 3) Expert edition only

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