CAD4U(-XS), CAMOD (c) C-TECHNIK Software GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

CAD4U(-XS), CAMOD (c) C-TECHNIK Software GmbH *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* CAD4U is one of the most comfortable 2D-CAD-programs. Since Version 11.00: If a library drawing has a name, it is added to the title of a drawing frame,
and also used when printing.
Hardware copy protection replaced by flexible software protection,
also allowing downloadable versions.
Technical program structures modified for optimized Windows 7 compatibility
and safety (32 and 64bit).
bullet Since Version 10.00:
Arc & Line Segmentation is now able to calculate lines too.
The Print dialog has been extensively re-worked to use property pages
and to allow the overriding of both lineweight and colour output for each layer!
The Layertable includes display of the line-style and colour for layers
set to single style or colour.
Windows 7 compatible.
bullet Since Version 9.00:
Arc Segmentation (Allows arcs to be created from line segments.
This is particularly useful in the situation in which the lines resulted from
the scanning of arcs and curves or after importing DXF files.),
Total Length Dimensioning,
Delete Drawing from an Index Page,
Change To... (Very similar to EDIT / CHANGE but allows an element
to be selected from which the attributes will be copied.),
additional Toolbar icons.
bullet Since Version 8.00:
Dynamic Zoom, coloured & hires index page display,
Project Codes for index pages, insert JPEG bitmaps,
more comfort in 2-screen mode, &qout;Vista&qout; compatible, etc.
bullet Since Version 7.01:
Print Selection, 2-Screen-Support, etc.
bullet Since Version 6.01:
Layer-Palette, 3-Point Rotation, Zoom-Window, etc.
bullet Since Version 6.x:
Insert bitmaps (in BMP-format), text with TrueType-fonts!
Status bar page tabs, crosshair cursor.
bullet Since Version 5.x:
Colour filter, switchable toolbar, completed tooltips,
context-sensitive online help now also for all palette and toolbar icons!
bullet Modernised userinterface styling since V.3.3201
bullet High quality software product.
The Dynamic Layer Palette now adjusts its dimensions to the number of layers
in a drawing and allows direct access to layer settings and colour changes.
Itīs the fast ""work horse"" for your daily drafting and construction work. Software CAMOD

bullet 2D-CAD-program, tested under Windows 7, Vista and XP,
based on our CAD4U software. Special features for model-making application.
bullet Converts tilted roof planes into their real sizes.
bullet Close gaps in imported drawings.
bullet Various data sort routines.
bullet Automatic calculation of CNC-contours, incl. consideration
of milling tool- or laserbeam-diameter and
incl. automatic data sort. Flexible DXF-Import and Export features.
bullet Version CAMOD for ZUND:
Direct output to ZUND-machines.
bullet Version CAMOD for Trotec:
Output to Trotec Laser via printer driver.
bullet CAMOD keyboard gives you the fastest possible access
to the most often used program features.
Comfortable and easy.

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