Stitch 2000 Pro (c) Data-Stitch Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

The right column displays all the information about the file currently open. The top portion of the window displays all components of the design in the order they were created. The bottom portion of the window displays the properties of the object selected. From here you can change stitch type, thread color, stitch direction, stitch length, stitch angle, column density and fill density. You can change size and position, rotate, skew, mirror the image, and choose metric or English measurements * Keyboard Lettering
* Letter Size Control ( with stitch count variation )
* Letter Density Control
* Column Width Control
* Individual Letter Control
* Letter Kerning
* Cut, Copy, Paste functions
* Selection of numerous Lettering Styles
* Letter height, interval, width, line space, top arc, bottom arc
* Slant text, Set vertical for text, Vertical Offset
* Bridging to create and transform various type Text Shapes
* Convert Satin to Fill Column or Combo Column
* Fill column or Combo Column density Control
* Underlay On or Off
* Re sequence Individual Letter Sew Out
* Color Change or Trim or Normal Stitch control between Letters or Words
* Stitch Center Out for Caps: Right or Left Selection
* Merge Expanded files with Lettering
* Make your own Library or categories
* Create information sheet with the right colors name, PMS# for each color
* Save files in all commercial machine formats and other popular stitch formats


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