Avid Liquid Palladium/Vortex (c) Avid Technology, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

Avid Liquid Palladium/Vortex (c) Avid Technology, Inc. *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock* Here are the 10 new features introduced in Liquid Edition version 5.5:

1. CX Color Correction

Liquid Edition&qout;s unique CX Color Correction offers a wealth of tools for top quality professional primary and secondary color correction including, but not limited to, one and three point tone, grey and color balance, primary and secondary selective color correction and a full set of color scopes.

2. Dynamic Slow Motion

Dynamic Slow Motion provides exceptionally fine control over the speed of clips and optimizes the ability to make adjustments to speed over time.

3. Networked Drives

With Liquid Edition it is possible to use networked drives as well as local drives for direct playback and rendering in a networked workgroup environment. When attached to a Pinnacle Palladium solution, Liquid Edition benefits from guaranteed high bandwidth video connections, as well as workgroup productivity improvements.

4. XSend Communication to Broadcast Products

Liquid Edition offers options such as XSend to Pinnacle Thunder and DekoCast, as well as communication with broadcast servers, automation and asset management systems. These interfaces provide for direct exchange of media and metadata for workflow integration. Furthermore, XSend to Macromedia Flash Video Files allows one to send video clips and projects directly to Macromedia Flash MX for applying enhancements targeted for web distribution.

5. RS-422 Machine Control

Professionals will appreciate the greater responsiveness and improved accuracy of deck and device control when using the RS-422 machine control built into Liquid Edition.

6. DVCPRO25 Support

In addition to DV and DVCAM, Liquid Edition supports DVCPRO25 as a native codec.

7. Jog/Shuttle Control Support

Pinnacle offers a broadcast quality Jog/Shuttle controller for fine control of the tape machines and editing in the timeline.

8. Midi Support

Control sound levels in Liquid Editionís audio editor via external faders attached by Midi.

9. ALE/OMFI Project Support

Liquid Edition&qout;s ability to import and export ALE files allows for the open exchange of clips, bins and project metadata with other editing systems, audio post production suites and asset management databases.

10. Sony Cliplink Support


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