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The Keays Software String 2006 design package has reached version 0.9.1 of its Alpha development cycle. Some tools and features have yet to be added, and there remain some bugs that have yet to be fixed. Steady progress is being made, and String 2006 nears the beginning of its Beta testing phase, in which all Keays Software customers will be encouraged to switch to using String 2006 in tandem with support offered by the String 2006 development team.

String 2006 is designed to be backwards compatible with older versions of the String package, and interoperates with the Keays Software suite. This means that files produced by String 2006 and its predecessor can be used interchangeably.

String 2006 demonstrates intergration of the table, graphical and 3D design features in an intuitive, easy to use, customizable interface. By the end of its Beta cycle, String 2006 will contain all features currently supported its predecessor, enhanced by real-time 3D graphics technology, as well as an array of new features.

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