Quantitative Powder XRD Phase Analysis Software v2.5 (c) Sietronics Pty Ltd *Dongle Emulator (Dongle Crack) for Aladdin Hardlock*

The key features of this release are:


Expanded Crystal Structure Database: The database will consist of approx 1700 entries covering a much wider range of minerals than any of the earlier versions. Expanded Clay Database

Full 32-bit version: This new version is a full 32-bit program and has been completely rewritten for the new platform. Long file names are fully supported and used in V3.

Multiple Document Interface: More than one task may be open at any time and more than one task may be refined at any time.

Many user options can now be set and forget for the application: new features include a most recently used task list for easy access to tasks, use of refined backgrounds, automatically show the results, chi squared dialogs at the end of task refinement.

Tools available for task and cpi editing: Add-on tools for easy repathing of task files and editing of cpi files.

Indefinite limits: There is no longer a prescribed limit on the number of phases in a task; number of hkl lines in a hkl file; or the number of data points in a pattern. The pattern readings may be any real value, not just integers.

Flexible tasks: The task may contain phases that can be excluded from refinement. This allows some experimentation without losing previously refined values.

Direct phase selection for tasks: Phases in the database can be selected for a task without the need to generate a hkl file first.

Overlaying Scans: You can now overlay other pattern files in the current task.

“Modelling” of patterns: Patterns can be modeled and displayed

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